June 2023 platform releases


For our full June 2023 release announcement, please visit the product blog. The information below offers supplemental information to that post.

Planning & Modeling

  • View and Line Item Usage by UX Pages
    Ability for users who are both Model Builders and Page Builders to see all of the module views and line items that are published onto a UX page
  • Smart Formatting
    As a user types in the formula editor, it automatically indents conditional logic, adjusts spacing, and formats pasted logic to fit the formula structure


  • Copy down/ copy across toggle on grids
    Page Builders may disable copy across / copy down in all grids across the UX via a toggle


  • Detailed notifications (with message preview) - a.k.a rich notifications
    Notifications include message previews inside Anaplan and via mobile push, Slack, and email


  • Tenant Admin notification preferences
    Tenant Admins may opt their tenant out of external notification (apart from strictly necessary ones, such as password reset) should they wish to safeguard particularly sensitive data from leaving the platform