October 2023 platform releases


For our full October 2023 release announcement, please visit the product blog. The information below offers supplemental information to that post.

Planning & Modeling

  • Formula Syntax Checking
    Model Builders are alerted to syntax errors in formulas through real-time formula highlights; immediately see where an issue is and how to resolve it before applying a formula
  • Calculation Effort column for Polaris models
    This column shows the percentage of overall calculation effort that each line item has been responsible for in the last 10 minutes


  • Freeze rows/columns
    Freeze up to any row or columns on a grid or worksheet
  • Expand/collapse in context selectors
    Expand/collapse any context selectors that use a "clean" dimension
  • Context selector re-order
    Re-order context selector on Boards and Worksheets to match the most logical order required for users
  • Drill down usability enhancement
    Ability to expand and maximize the drill down Card to see more of the formula; resize the drill down panel on Boards to see more detail around the formula and number breakdown
  • Geo-Mapping
    Full pan and zoom geo-mapping capability in the user experience
  • Territory & Quota Planning Application
    Territory & Quota Planning Application enables streamlined configuration, simple extension, and easier maintenance
  • Top-down hierarchy tasks in Workflow
    Using a simple switch, you can turn your bottom-up hierarchy tasks into top-down planning activities
  • Additional context labels on module driven tasks in Workflow
    Have your users more clearly identify which task relates to which product, geo, region, account, etc. with newly added context labels on tasks