January 2024 platform releases


For our full January 2024 release announcement, please visit the product blog. The information below offers supplemental information to that post.


  • Scatter/Bubble chart Power trend line (screen shot)
    We have added a Power trend line to the existing supported trend lines on Scatter/Bubble charts

  • Card toolbar updates
    The Card toolbar has been updated to provide consistency across Cards in Boards and Worksheets

  • Restore a deleted App page
    It's possible to restore a deleted App page, providing it was deleted in the last 60 days

  • Notification action recipient increase
    When adding recipients to a notification action button, you may now add up to 50 different users. The previous limit was 20 users

  • Button icon alignment options
    Alignment options allow you to change the position of icons on your buttons to help create a more intuitive experience on your pages, for example when creating "next" or "back" buttons

  • Force complete steps in Workflow hierarchy tasks
    The ability to force completion of sub-tasks in hierarchy Workflows provides Workflow Owners with more control over administrative actions

  • Archive completed Workflow runs
    Users who prefer a clean interface may archive historical Workflow runs. Archived Workflow runs aren't deleted

  • Workflow Audit log in Administration
    Workflow events for opened and completed tasks are being sent to the central Audit service and are available under Audit in Administration

  • Completed Workflow data export
    A time-stamped CSV export can be generated for any completed Workflow to provide an audit log of every action that took place as part of a specific Workflow run

  • "Tasks" now called "Steps" in Workflow template
    The building blocks of a Workflow template are called "steps" instead of "tasks" to better align with recent extensions to include steps such as model action and notifications in templates

  • Drag and drop steps in Workflow
    Create Workflow templates that much more easily by dragging and dropping steps (formerly tasks) into a Workflow template

  • Skip hierarchy task levels in Workflow
    When building a hierachy-based top-down or bottom-up Workflow, you can choose levels in your hierarchy to bypass or omit from the process, providing additional flexibility in your Workflows

  • Geo-Mapping postal boundaries
    We have added three new postal boundaries to our postal code SKU offering. More information on Highspot here:
    • Canada Forward Sortation Area
    • UK Postal District
    • UK Post Sector

Management Reporting

  • Slide-level context
    You can set the context of a report slide at the slide level

  • Report page settings dialog
    We have added a page settings dialog to the report page so it is consistent with all other page types