February 2024 platform releases


Check out the latest Anaplan feature updates and enhancements in our February 2024 release notes. The information below offers supplemental information to that post.

Planning & Modeling

  • Top-level and subsets for the users list
    Model builders will be able to leverage the users list similarly to other lists in the model by applying a top-level to enable summing and creating subsets.

  • Fine grain history search
    Specify exact date and time when looking through model history.


  • Gantt chart enhancements
    More control over the time axis for Gantt charts to focus on relevant time windows.

  • Enhanced context handling with dynamic notification actions
    Dynamic analysis of actions to add missing context selectors to a page in order to adjust them before action is triggered.

  • Increased our boundary coverage to Admin level 2 for further regions
    Boundary files for Geo-Mapping can be downloaded here.


  • SCIM API keys for Azure AD integration
    By assigning a unique key to each user, API keys ensure that only authenticated entities can access the SCIM API and its resources.