Special Character - Alphabet Limitation?


Hi All!

Having some trouble with special characters importing into Anaplan. We are able to import special characters into our model using the ISO-8859-1 Text encoding. However, there's one special alphabet character that is not importing at all: č

Is there a limitation on which special characters are able to be imported into Anaplan? Like I mentioned, all other special alphabet characters are uploading correctly. Not sure if we should have our integrations remove this specific special character before import into Anaplan or if there's a different workaround we could utilize.


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  • Panji


    can you share the example file?

  • pyrypeura

    As @SriNitya mentioned please use text encoding that supports your special character. That should solve your problem.

  • Thanks! We had previously updated our text encoding to allow for special characters which worked for 99% of cases. We'll try this suggestion to see if it works.