LOOKUP dimensions

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I have two modules : SYS REF Public Holidays & SYS DAT01 Public Holidays (Dimension: Time (Year) and Country)

I need to display a boolean of delete from SYS Data to SYS REF

I created a SYS LOOKUP

and I displayed a formula : 'DAT01'.Delete ?[LOOKUP: 'SYS LOOKUP'.ALL pays, SELECT: TIME.All Periods]

my look up works only if I select one of the countries, but not for all !

Any suggestions please ?


  • Dikshant

    You can write a condition after your formula, and your final formula looks like this:

    'DAT01'.Delete ?[LOOKUP: 'SYS LOOKUP'.ALL pays, SELECT: TIME.All Periods] OR ISBLANK( 'SYS LOOKUP'.ALL pays)

    The OR condition will return true for all items if your All pays line item from SYS14 module is blank.

  • rmamoune

    Actually, it didn't work with this formula but I found a solution :

    The formula in REF is : 'DAT01 JOURS FERIES'.Delete ?[SELECT: TIME.All Periods] With a set up of a summary on DAT01 : Any

    Thank you