Can you sum a Line Item Subset?


Just to give some context, we have the line item subset shown in screenshot and this essentially forms a detailed balance sheet before we have any consolidation adjustments.

We perform the consolidation adjustments in another module. This module uses the line item subset highlighted above.

Then want to be able to pick up the consolidated balance value but in a more summarised form to enable board reporting, example combining the Property, Plant, Equipment line, with the Goodwill and Intangibles, and so on.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • SriNitya

    Create Total line item in module add the items of Non current assets and enable it in your Line item Subset

  • PujithaB

    As @SriNitya mentioned, you can create any number of Summary items such as Current Assets, Non Current Assets etc., in the source Module of LIS, And Once you enable the Individual Lineitems belonging to all the totals in the LIS Creation , all the total Lineitems will be automatically Enabled