S4 HANA to Anaplan - Mulesoft Connector Limitations


Hi, reaching out to see if anyone has run into issues when pulling data from S4 HANA / ERPs into a data hub using the Mulesoft connector. The volume of data is initiating a model save in the middle of the execution (per Anaplan support) and that locks up the model. During this lock up, any batches attempting to load during this time is not executed. This skips data so a portion of the source data never makes it in.

For context, the volume of data is in the millions so we batch the source into 10K per batch. I'm told this is the limitation of S4, so it's unrelated to Anaplan's upload limit (50MB).

Does anyone have any tips/tricks when loading larger volume of data into Anaplan through Mulesoft's connector?

I've also opened a ticket with support, but was curious if others have experience with this.



  • PujithaB

    Hi jackcplanning

    I am curious to know if you found any solution or tips , Could you help me to know that

  • Hi @PujithaB,

    Anaplan recommends loading the entire data set to a file, upload that file to the server, then batch the load in Mulesoft. The thing we lose with this is any error logging, so it's not the perfect solution. If there was a batch that didn't load, we wouldn't be able to track down the bad data.