Dashboard Default selections


Hi Guys,

I am setting up a dashboard for our CFO for financial review. I want to be able to have some default selections done on the page every time he logs in. How do I do that? I am not sure how the selections show up differently every time i open the dashboard. Any help would be appreciated.




  • Dikshant
    edited March 8

    Hey, you can set a default selection only once; after that, if users change the selection, it will retain the last updated value and not show the default one.

    Create an import action, that will import the default list item in the filter module by user and run it one time to set the default selection item. But it can't be done every time you open the page again and again. You can give that action to the users, they run it manually and get the default selection.

  • PujithaB

    @Megha27 , As Dikshant Mentioned We cannot set the default selections as every time users login .

    One workaround would be if you have limited number of combinations like 3 or 4 or so on.. , you can create different pages for each combination and ask the user to navigate to those particular pages

    Or Other Option is already mentioned by Dikshant that you can have end users filters, so that when user changes the fields automatically selections will be updated

  • Megha27

    Thank you @Dikshant and @PujithaB for your responses. Very helpful .