Update code of a numbered list



I want to update the code of a numbered list.
The user can input a name on the dashboard.

Then I want to set up an import to, for example, import the code to the numbered list but it creates me a new item each time, since we cannot map by name in a numbered list.

Any solutions to update code in a numbered list without creating new items ?



  • SriNitya
    edited March 8

    Workaround instead of code is while creating the numbered list you can use combination of properties as unique identifier while importing the data into numbered list.

  • sobaid

    Hi If you are using forms to create a list for the user to enter a name and that should sit as a code by default . you can use form to create list and enable code enter option, for the user to enter code in the property display name line item, give the formula code(Item(List name)) to reflect the same name as your lists display name

  • SofianeLz

    Thank you for your answers, thank you @SriNitya
    Please @sobaid can you elaborate ?

    Because indeed, I don't want the user to see the native name of form like "Name" and "Code"


  • @SofianeLz

    Please don't use Combination of Properties as they may create new members. Create a SYS module for that list, create a line item with the formula NAME(item(list)). This will produce the #number. Create another line item for Code with the formula Code(item(list)). Lastly, create a boolean line item named Load? with the formula IsBlank(Code). Then create a view using the Load? line item as the filter and run that.

  • PujithaB

    @SofianeLz, As Rob mentioned ,A System Module needs to be created to update the code only for the list items which does not have code and in the list creation or maintenance dashboard , this action can be published for the end users or for Data admins to run it as when new items are created.

    So, In the dashboard first action is to create list items using forms of UX
    And the second one is the new action to update codes, This action can be named as Update/Approve Creation of Items So that can be easily trigered by the end Users

  • Thank you very much @PujithaB and @rob_marshall you two helped me a lot.

  • Excuse me @rob_marshall
    I did exactly what you said.
    But how should I map the import then ? My item doesn't have a native code, and I want to import the code I created for it, but its impossible for me to map them.

    It still create me unwanted item..

  • PujithaB

    @SofianeLz , In mapping tab select the name mapping column (List Dimension in the System Module) and in the code mapping column select the code(New Code Line Item in Sys Module ) and on right side Select Name(#ID) . So It will look for existing items with that name and updates the code for that item instead of creating new item

  • @PujithaB Thank you a lot, I achieved it.