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Hello everyone

I have a problem that I am trying to solve and I would appreciate some help please. I upload a raw figure into line items at two levels of the hierarchy, L1 and L2. L2 list is the child of L1 list. As the figures are calculated outside of Anaplan and have no relationship, they cannot be summarised by a formula in Anaplan.

However, I want to show all the figures in one line item. So that the column would show L2 figures and the summary in this column would show the L1 figure. (ie below the 60 would show in the blank cell to the right.) The module is also dimensioned by another list, region.

I attempted to due this using a ratio summary on L2 Figure, but I run into an error.

I am thankful for any guidance that you could provide.

Thank you

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  • rob_marshall
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    Here you go…Create a SYS module dimensionalized by your L2 list with a line item rendering the Parent.

    In your RPT module, you need to get the Parent data down to the lowest level (L2). To do this, create a line item called Parent Data having the formula of L1 Data[lookup:SYS module.Parent]. Also, set the summary to MAX.

    Remove the dimensionality (Applies To) from the Constant line item.

    For Final Result, have that reference Data, but the Ratio should be

    For a Final Result of


  • Thank you Rob, that works great and I appreciate your detailed instructions.