What is the best way to show attributes and time of the same list items at the same time?


Trying to figure out the best way to show a non-time dimensioned and native time-dimensioned module for the same list items at the same time.

Thinking there has to be a better way. The screenshot below is two separate modules sharing the same dimension, with the exception of time. The vertical scroll is synced. Problem is that is someone wants to use the native filtering option in the bottom-left card, it only filters the bottom-left card. You could create a separate filtering "fields" above that filter both cards simultaneously, but again, seems like there has to be a better approach.

Any thoughts are much appreciated!


  • Dikshant

    Hi, If this is a must have functionality for you to have time and non time line items in the same module, then only go ahead with the approach as this has added complexity.

    One way is you can sync the scroll of two modules/ grids (one with time and other without time) in the UX page. But if you want to apply custom filters in one grid, that will not be applicable to other grid. You have to give user specific filter which needs to be applied in both grids/ modules.

    But in case you want to have it in single module, this can be achieved using a Fake Time List. Sharing model details via screenshots.

    Create a list called Fake Time and 2 subset: SS Input, SS Month

    Create a Input module and for line items where we don't need time, apply SS Input Subset and line items where we need time, apply SS Month Subset.

    This is how grid view looks like:

    Best part is since we are using subset, so the are no extra cell counts for any line item.

    Now click on control and select Input Member for line items with no time and select all months with line items which need time dimension.

    Now you have both time and non time dimension line item in same module. and you can input/ make it formula driven. Let me know if this works for you 😊