level 1


how to learn the course


  • SriNitya
    edited March 12

    https://community.anaplan.com/kb/articles/153705-level-1-model-building-course login to Anaplan Academy you can start course detailed step by step activity is mentioned in the course, for hands on activities you need Anaplan workspace access.
    Level 1 Model building course is hands-on course which will help you to learn Anaplan Concepts and model building skills. Build a model in Anaplan that includes modules, lists, line items and hierarchies, Import data into a model. Add formulas , create user experience pages.

  • PujithaB

    Also , This course is kind of self explanatory that is all the details of each item will be available in the course

  • Dikshant

    Currently, anaplan put the Talent Builder program on hold. So if you're not associated with Anaplan organization, you might not get free workspace to practice. But you can start with the videos and develop a basic understanding.