March 2024 platform releases

For our full March 2024 release announcement, please visit the product blog. The information below offers supplemental information to that post.

Planning & Modeling

  • New Modules Inventory
    Beta version release of a new way to view, manage, and analyze modules which will provide builders the ability to sort, select attributes to view, and provide additional analysis.

  • Shutting off Return to Anaplan Classic
    The option to Return to Anaplan Classic has been turned off to provide one modeling experience for all users, decreasing confusion and streamlining the model building experience.

  • Anapedia integration for calculation functions
    This brings information from Anapedia directly to model builders, enabling you to search, understand, and leverage the library of functions in Anaplan directly from the formula editor.


  • Conditional navigation actions
    Navigate users to different pages based on the item they have selected in context.
  • Model switch update
    The selected model in page that support multiple models is now persisted when you navigate across pages.

  • End user Show / Hide enhancements
    End users now have the ability to right click to Show / Hide, allowing for ragged selection and reordering selected rows / columns on a grid.

Management Reporting

  • Cascade slides
    Quickly and easily create multiple linked slides based off single or multiple slide dimensions.

  • Hide slides
    Page builders can easily hide any slide while in design mode so it is not visible when published, for example hiding source slides in a report.



  • Conditional Navigation actions : Nice !! Something that was missing in terms of parity with classic and that I thought was out of scope/not in the roadmap.

    Great ! Also, nice to see applied examples/videos/gifs for each enhancement. Well done @GingerAnderson and anyone involved

  • Nice! And of course there's show/hide on grids too. Too many moving parts to keep up on.