Rename Actions


I am lost for this part.

I have creat a new process "5 Load Geographies". But then I don't understand want to do and why. Can I have some help please.


  • You might have created a few actions to add the items in the Geo hierarchy via import actions, so a process is created to group all those actions in a single place. Now if you run the process, it will run all those import action in it, in a sequential manner.

  • Hi Dikshant

    So I have built my "T3 Build Geographic Hierarchies". Then I have to add my actions T3.1, T3.2 and T3.3. is that right?

    What I don't get is why I have to do it again while I have aleardy done my order in T3 Build Geographic Hierarchies

  • I don't understand this part:

    "The Actions will be part of a process named "5 Load Geographies," so rename them accordingly using best practice naming conventions for Actions."

  • SriNitya
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    @Solene You have named as T3 Build Geographic Hierarchies (INCLUDES T3.1,T3.2,T3.3 actions in the process) but in the course Level1 Anaplan is suggesting to follow the naming conventions provided in the course. It is completely up to you regarding the rename the process as 5 Load Geographies` but its better if you follow it so that you don't miss out the flow If understand correctly.
    Hope it helps

  • In level 1, you might have created the hierarchy differently without a data hub and loading via CSV or manually, but in level 2, since you have created the data hub, now the hierarchy firstly built in Data Hub and then loaded into spoke model. and it's about a standard naming convention of when you load via csv files vs. when you load it from Data Hub. That's why in Level 2 you are asked to rename the process.

    1. Does it look like this?
    2. is that normal that I still have SYS05 Region details in this list , not renamed?

    Many thanks

  • Hi
    Yes, It is not renamed

    Highlighted one should your 5.4 Region Details
    Then 5.5 Country Details and
    5.6 Locations details

    And the below one can be delighted and This could have been created here since you have mistakenly imported in the blueprint view