Anaplan Weekly Challenge


Hello Anaplanner's,

I would like to know if we already have a Weekly challenge' section for Anaplan.
We have it in Alteryx and also in Power BI.
The challenges help new learners identify, understand and use Anaplan in a better way, all while being a part of the group.

If not, I would like to request respective members to see this post as a humble suggestion from someone who wants to learn and excel using Anaplan to it's full potential🙂


  • SriNitya

    To my knowledge there are no weekly challenges, it is good idea to have.
    we have monthly Q&A challenges sometimes.

  • Dikshant

    There are monthly community Q&As that are somewhat similar, but it's more of an open discussion about a single topic. But this is also good to have a weekly challenge, and community members can participate and propose respective solutions and ideas.

  • TristanS

    @vfrank I have a challenge you might be interested in. Not really sure whether Anaplan would be able to do it either. I've seen recursive / loop algorithms outside Anaplan but doing this within Anaplan would definitely be a good challenge.

  • PujithaB

    @TristanS, Yes, I agree

    This is a challenging one and I would like to learn this can be solved in any way of Anaplan.

  • Love this idea! Out of curiosity, how would you say a "community challenge" post would differ than a question asked in our forums? Is it bringing extra visibility to it? Or a situation that applies to all? We have done the monthly challenges and are open to new ideas and suggestions for sure!

    Thank you!

    Ginger, Community Manager

  • Olek P

    I like a weekly challenge idea from Anaplan. Shouldn't be too hard to do.

  • Olek P


    It could even be a question already asked on the forum. I would like to see a separate section, and someone is responsible for posting it every week.