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Good day !

We are stuck with this peculiar ask from the business and need some guidance on how to proceed with the same.

We have a resource planning use case where we have data of the users tagged to a project (this is not based on time). Example User A is tagged to Project Tiger & Project Lion 60% & 40 % respectively.

The business ask was to extract DAILY HOURS PER USER PER PROJECT based on the above data we already have in the system.

We built a fake a time dimension to capture a daily hours per user per project.
Fake time details:
List type: (Numbered list).
Code: Numbers 1-31 (dynamically created)
The list dynamically picks up the name of the current month with the help of native time within Anaplan.

The reason why we used fake time is because native time will not allow a time range for a month hence would create a lot of sparsity in the system. The above works exactly as per the business requirement and we're able to generate the export as per business asks which is in the following format (column headers):

Date (fake list) | Username (fake user list) | Country | Project (Numbered List) | Hours (calculation)

However, business now wants to do an import into the system giving us details of the working days in a month. For example, system needs to take into account the weekends and public holidays in a given month. The current export does not factor public holidays and weekends.

So business wants to give us monthly imports of expected hours of each user. Based on the dummy file received, here are the column headers:
Date | Username | Hours

1) Since I'm using custom built list for time, I'm unable to map the time given by the business to the custom built. Hence direct load into a module with users and fake time is not happening.

2) Considering the new ask, would it be advisable to switch to native time to accommodate the requests. However, we may hit a size constraint.

Preferred scenario would be to go with step 1 and somehow manage an import of user data monthly into the fake time list created. Can someone guide me with this scenario. Or any other solution that would help us in this problem.

Please do let me know if you require any additional information that can help you understand the scenario better.

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  • Dikshant

    Can you provide a few details:

    How does your existing fake time list look and how are you entering data?

    At present - are you only loading for the current month, and now they want to load for multiple months?

    You need to include public holidays in fake time as well based on new requirement? So your data seems to be at Date level?

    If possible, pls share some module screenshots.

  • Hello @Dikshant

    1) No Data is entered on the fake time dimension, it just calculates hours to be booked per user per project per day. We basically have allocation percentage per user per project, we convert that into hours and display the same against fake time.

    2) Fake time mimics actual time in Anaplan, so what i have done is created module with day granularity, extract day and a number-based code for my fake time:

    I populate the fake list with the above, fake number feeds the code and fake time text feeds the display name.

    I have created a process where everytime user extracts the monthly report, it deletes the whole list 1-31 (assuming 31 day month), re-populates the data with the next data based on the current month.

    3) At present we created a setup to export data out using the above fake time:
    We have a module that is dimensioned by fake date, fake user list, project list and hours (caculated).

    4) New ask is we have can import holiday dates for a month.

    5) Both import and export only handles month wise data- AT A DAY GRANULARITY.

    Please let me know if you need any further information

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