How I Built It: Replacing the "group by" function of Excel in Anaplan

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About the Author: Damien Bouquier has been a Certified Master Anaplanner for 5+ years and has developed solutions across a wide range of industries for FP&A, supply chain, and sales operations planning use cases.

Hi Anaplan Community!

Excel allows you to group and ungroup data areas to explore the data. Anaplan does not yet offer this functionality natively, but it is possible to reproduce it with a quick development. In this ‘How I Built It’ tutorial, I’ll walk through the steps to do this.

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  • This is awesome. Great hack @damien.bouquier

  • Monpero

    Thanks @damien.bouquier for showing the hack from the start of the build to the end, this is very helpful.

  • Philippe


    thanks a lot Damien, very easy to set up and useful.

  • DeepakK

    Nice! I enjoyed this and can see many use cases. Thanks!