FINDITEM on numbered list ( display name )


Hello, this is my problem.

I import a file in my STG03 module, dimensioned by the STG03 contrat list.
This list has a property "Tiers" which contains the tiers names, in TEXT.

I also have a Tiers module, dimensioned by a Tiers numbered list with code, and display name which are the tiers names.

I want to turn the TEXT line item "Tiers" in my STG module into a LIST formatted line item, so I have to do a Finditem(Tiers ( the list ), Tiers ( the STG property) ) . The problem is, how to do this without having the code ? I juste search for display name in the list, which return me blank cells.

How can I make a finditem in my STG module ? Knowing that the file only import the "display name" of the tiers list.

thanks .


  • @SofianeLz

    A couple of questions:

    • Why do you have the Tiers property defined as in what is using it?
    • Is the data coming from a data hub or a file? I believe you said file, but wanted to inquire again.
    • What are your codes for the Tiered numbered list?
    • Why is it numbered, can you have multiple tiers with the same name?

  • Dikshant


    With a numbered list, since you can add duplicates, you need a code to uniquely identify each list item while using FINDITEM function.

    If you don't want to add code to existing list item, create an alternative list and add the codes there or make the list as flat list, then you don't need a code since flat list cannot have duplicates.

  • PujithaB

    Hi @SofianeLz

    As you said you need code to use find item
    So, here you have only Display Name of Tiers in our STG03. And STG03 is dimensioned by Contract List
    Try to find in Tiers System Module if you have any mapping of Tiers with Contract
    If you have then using that mapping, you can find get the tiers list formatted lineitem in STG03 module
    Let me know if this helps out.

  • @PujithaB @Dikshant Yes I used a technical list to make it work. @rob_marshall , the data came from a file where I only had the display names. What I did is that I created a list based on these display name ( with code = display name) so I was able to find item.

    Thank you all

  • Dikshant

    @SofianeLz - If your list does not have duplicates and length < = 60 then make it flat. So you don't have to create and maintain a technical list just for the FINDITEM function.