MIN monthly value of the year on custom timelist


Hi team!
I have never used the MIN function or aggregation in anaplan before and I am having some problems now. Sorry if the solution is too obvious.

I have module with Plan 23 / Plan 22 lineitem with dimensions: 1. Product. 2. City. 3. Custom Months list (January, February etc.)
Screenshot of module below:

In lineitem 'MIN (Plan 23 / Plan 22)' I need to find the minimum monthly value. Ive tried different variations of the formula MIN() and 'Plan 23 / Plan 22'[MIN: ], I constantly get errors

Thats how module should look like:

I will be glad of any help, thank you!


  • Dikshant

    What I understood was that you have products, a city, and a custom time. And for each product and city, you need monthly min values. The Way min function work is similar to a sum function and syntax is also similar its just Min function will return the minimum values rather than summing up all values like SUM function.

    Min Sales line item can have only Custom Time dimension.

    See if this works for you!

  • SriNitya

    I suggest go through the MIN function and you will be able to resolve it.