Transfer boolean information from a module to another (different lists being used)

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Hi all,

I am having a hard time trying to put to 2 differently structured modules into communication .

The goal is to get the boolean to work as filter for the so-called FAB products.

Here are the two modules:

  • DAT11, one-list module: ID Revenues

this is the source module from whom I need to take the "Is Fab revenue cost category?" boolean kind of line item information and pass it to the following module.

  • WEEK31, 3-list module: P&L - Actual & Forecast, Scenario, SS BU04 Product MES Not Trading Partner? . This last list, in particular, is my product list.

this is the landing module.

What I achieved so far is to create a line item called "Fab lookup" where I actually lookup the "Is Fab revenue cost category?" line item using the ID revenues line item as a mapping.

The "Fab lookup" line item has all of the three lists of the landing module plus the ID revenues list and it returns TRUE exactly for the product I want.

So far so good. Now, the problem is that when I reference the "fab lookup" line item into the landing module (week31), obviously the boolean returns the TRUE value for every product because it takes the summary(set to any) value of the line item from the source module.

Meaning that I still have all the products checked TRUE in my landing module.

Is there a way out? Note, I have limited option when it comes to using the ID revenues list because is too big.

Thank you in advance



  • Dikshant

    I'm not able to completely visualize your modules and the exact challenge you're facing, but I would suggest try using Boolean aggregation functions like ANY, ALL to move Booleans from one module to another with different dimensions. Please share module screenshots if you can to understand the challenge better.