Import Data into DAT01 Beginning Inventory Module


While I try to import Beginning+inventory data, There is this 4th column (purple) that I don't know what to do.

Any idea please?


  • SriNitya
    edited March 21

    From the screenshot of mapping need to import the data into Beginning inventory line item only, filter line item is populated so do the mapping respectively..
    Select Column Headers for Data01 Beginning inventory line item and then do mapping the respective tab.
    Hope it helps

  • Oh, of course ! thanks

    By the way, do I have to map my sources item manualy. It takes ages !

  • I can imagine there is an easier way to fixe that.

  • Hi
    No need to map manually Match names or codes will do the job. Check your file once for 00 format
    But in case of special characters While importing the Select Text Encoding as UTF - 8

     - refer this for more detailed information.