Multiple Sheet Add in Connection


Hi everyone, I have 2 questions about excel add in Refresh Multiple Connections function:

  1. Does the refresh multiple connections functionality refresh only the dimension selected on the selector (for example July 23) of the module/excel sheet or all the data present in the module?

2. In case of many sheets connected to different Anaplan modules, it is possibile to set the selector dimension only one and then all selector of other sheets be automatically aligned? This would be helpful in case of many sheets to be refreshed at the same time, to be sure that the refresh is involving the same dimensions selected in every single sheet.

Hope the questions are clear. Thank you,




  • Dikshant

    #1 It refreshes for all dimensions. I would say to give it a try by changing the data for Jun23 and then refreshing it by selecting Jul23 in Excel, and then checking if Jun23 is refreshed or not?

    #2 As per my understanding, selectors can't sync for multiple sheets. You have to set it sheet by sheet.

    I don't use excel add-In very frequently, and this is as per my opinion, so I would say, give it a try and explore more.