Level 2: Importing shipping method from SYS07 Location Details to SYS07 Distribution Center Details


I am not showing any shipping cost for most columns on INV 01 Inventory Ordering because it is not pulling in a default shipping method from SYS07 Distribution Center Details:

It seems that I need to import data from the Datahub's SYS07 Location Details module.

However, when I try, because SYS07 Distribution Center Details has P3 Sku list as a dimension, it will only allow me to pull in the default shipping method for one SKU at a time.

How can I get it to "ignore" the SKU and populate the default shipping method based on the distribution center, for example, populate the default shipping method as "Road" for all rows where the distribution center is "New York," for all SKUs?

Thanks in advance for the help.