Show the code instead of the display name in dropdown list



My client does not want to have any display name, just the # generated by anaplan.

In the same time, it is very complicated to choose an item in a dropdown list seeing only #s.
Is there a method for me to show code of the numbered list ( which is existant ) instead of the #?


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  • SriNitya
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    It is impossible to print anything else than the display name in a dropdown ? - Yes either display name or #code can only be used nothing else.


  • Rachit

    If you use number list you will also get the unique number along with # tag, so when you use in dropdown you will see #1, #2, #3.

  • @Rachit ok, so it is impossible to print anything else than the display name in a dropdown ? Beside the # code

  • you can do it via display name itself. In display name line item write formula ⇒ Code(item(list name))

    This should take care of your problem

    V.Sai Bharadwaj

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  • Dikshant

    Putting the formula for Display Name property as CODE(ITEM(List)) will start showing codes in the dropdown but if you don't want to show the codes in the modules where the list is applied, I would say create an alternative list and add all codes there rather than updating the formula of Display Name property.

  • Ok, thank you all, I understood

  • 1636583

    Hi @SofianeLz
    yah, as already suggested write the formula for Display Name: CODE(ITEM(List)) / Make Display Name property as text format (you can populate this manually/ through upload) so that drop down shows the same for selection.