Line Item 'Held or Revised' and 'To change' in Level 3 Sprint 1


Hi Community,

I am confused how to approach the line item Held or Revised and To Change in my TAR02 module in my Sales Planning Model.

What does these line items mean?

I did some experiments with these but nothing fruitful.

For reference, this is part of activity 8.2 of Sprint 1 of Level 3 certification.


  • Dikshant

    I would suggest to go through the requirements again and try to understand what is the expected functionality and what calculation is needed. Look at the examples shared. This is a good example of a tricky requirement for folks who are attempting level 3 for the first time. So try to struggle a bit and find a solution by your own.

  • Hello @Dikshant I think I understood what you were referring to.

    I have put the following formulae

    1. Held or Revised = IF Hold THEN Initial Account Sales Targets ELSE 0

    2. To Change = IF Override THEN Override SalesTarget ELSE 0

    3. Final Sales Target = IF Hold THEN 'Held or Revised' ELSE IF Override THEN To Change ELSE Initial Account Sales Targets

    Am I heading in the right direction?

  • Dikshant

    Yes, verify using examples shared in the course.

  • Yes @Dikshant it's giving desired result. Thanks

    Can you also suggest which calculation function will give me sum of those values of the Initial sales Target which were neither on Hold nor Override?

    I'll need these values in the denominator for Factor calculation.

    So far I have the formula like this

    Factor = (Targets - (To Change + 'Held or Revised')) / _______________________________

    I am referring the below formula given in the Specification

  • Dikshant

    The denominator is the sum of Initial Sales Target where there is no Hold or override. Make a line item and have an if else condition that says if hold or override then 0 else Initial Sales Target and then sum up and fetch the value in order to use it as the denominator.