Avoiding the same priority values for different items


Hello everyone,

I am facing a wall regarding a dev…

Here is the need, i have one table, with a dimension called : Layer 3

This table is published in a dashboard, where users can imput data on the column "Layer L3 Priority" displayed in yellow.

Now, i was asked to do the following : "We don't want the user to imput identical priority values for two differents (or more) items.

For instance, we don't want the CTO items to share the same L3 Priority values, or the VIPs, or the CTO item and the VIP item… tried to do something with ranking to make them unique but i'm stuck here

Any help would be appreciated


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  • Dikshant
    Answer ✓

    Use ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE function to flag the first occurrence of each items and for duplicative items it shows FALSE, You can highlight the duplicative items using conditional formatting.