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I have a query regarding Anaplan. I have several system modules where I have created unique IDs, each with a different length.

In the user experience (UX) part, it's the UX user who chooses the name of the file to import. Then, the ID becomes the File Name + ID. For example, if the ID is UI8293 and the file name is FILE 1, then the resulting ID would be FILE1UI8293.

Now, what I want to achieve is to add a condition to block the user if the name they choose, combined with the ID length, exceeds 60 characters.

How can I implement this?

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  • @ILYAS You can highlight the row with a warning that combined characters has exceeded 60 characters and use DCA restrictions to not let them do future actions unless this has been resolved



    Hello @HimanshuRaj , should i do it in the UX part? or in the module? I'm sorry i started anaplan just recently so i'm still new to it.
    should i change the parameter in the Import Action in the UX? or the card configuration where the UX user put the name of his file.


    Thank you @HimanshuRaj, i will do so, but how about showing a message to the UX user saying that the ID is to long, please use a different ID less than ( 60 - ID length)

  • SriNitya

    You can mention please use a different ID less than ( 60 - ID length) on a text card as an instruction in UX

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    You can create a new line item (Error message) and make it text format and write a condition

    IF LENGTH(Unique Code) . 60 THEN "ID is too long, please use a different ID less than 60 characters" ELSE BLANK

    and show it in the same grid in NUX.