L1 Model Building - 14: Additional Topics progress not updated


Course 14 redirected me to Lesson 1: What is Workflow? Who benefits from using Workflow? Why do you need Workflow?. I have finished this lesson and went back to course 14 and finished it. However, in my record of learning, it still says i am 0% progress. I wonder what is should do. Besides, before taking exam, do we need to make all the courses 100% finished?


  • Dikshant

    It's not mandatory if you're able to proceed to the next lesson, but the reason why this is happening is may you may have opened the lesson for a few minutes without doing anything. In that case, the course did not capture the progress properly. I would say to refresh and quickly watch the videos again to get 100% progress on that lesson.

  • SriNitya

    Refresh and revisit the course, even then if it shows the same do reach out to Anaplan support.

  • Zhaohui

    Problem solved! Thank you <3