Insufficient additional memory when importing

I have two modules and I want to import from one to another. I already have the line items created and I have space in the model but when I run the action this appears.

Any light on this?

Thank you.

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  • D.Neeraja
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    This error is because of your insufficient memory, your data is loading from source to target but based on the data volume and data type & dimensionality space is getting calculated.

    For example, if you have so many text fields etc, so try to ignore high space consumed data type/increase your model space by deleting the unwanted stuff in model.

  • Dikshant
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    If number of line items are more try to spit the saved views and create multiple actions, if you can tell the number of line items in the source view as well, that will help us to understand better?


  • The error message is due to the import increasing model size to the point where there isn't enough workspace to allow for growth.  Either free up workspace to allow for this growth, or analyze models for size reduction opportunities

  • I don't think that's the issue. I have three line items that I want to import from the source module to the target module.

    If I divide the import in three, one for each line item, the error doesn't show up.

    I don't understand the memory issue when the line items are already created, so the cell count is already in the model

  • SriNitya
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    From the error screenshot it shows that insufficient memory so import is failed.

  • SriNitya
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  • I agree - this is not something related to model size, but more of the volume of data. Can you share the stats of model and workspace size? Number of rows in source view?

  • Yes, what I did to solve it is creating two saved views and two actions. That solved the problem.

    The issue was that I had two text line items that I need to map for the import to work. So I think is what Neeraja66 said. Is calculating the space of those text line items as if I was also going to import them.

    Thank you for all the help