Headcount Growth Assumptions Logic


Hi Anaplan Community,

I'm working on a growth assumptions module in my Anaplan model and could use some guidance on achieving a specific distribution. Here's the scenario:

In my growth assumptions module, I have two line items: Beg HC (Beginning Headcount) and Joiners Percentage Growth. When a percentage growth is entered in this module, I aim to distribute the resulting growth number across 13 months in another module, the Joiners module, in a particular manner.

The distribution should be as follows:

  • The growth should first be evenly spread across all the 13 months.
  • Any remaining growth after this initial distribution should be spread, starting from the last month and moving in reverse order.

For example:
If Beg HC is 1 and Headcount growth is 1600% (which translates to 16 new joiners), the distribution should be as follows for 13 months:

Apr 24: 1
May 24: 1
Jun 24: 1
Jul 24: 1
Aug 24: 1
Sep 24: 1
Oct 24: 1
Nov 24: 1
Dec 24: 1
Jan 25: 1
Feb 25: 2
Mar 25: 2
Apr 25: 2

I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions on how to implement this distribution logic effectively within Anaplan.


  • When u say evenly spread does it mean splitting headcount on round down basis? lets say 34 new people are joining u will round down(34/13, nearest integer) = 2 people added every month??

    V.Sai Bharadwaj

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