Will lag function works for Boolean Formatted Lineitem?


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As Anapedia says, lag function can take Boolean formatted lineitem
I have a scenario as below
I have a module dimensioned by Numbered list and Time scale
And I have 3 lineitems as below
1. Lag value - — boolean
2. Lag offset Amount ——Number
3. Output lag ——Boolean
Formula for lineitem Output lag = lag(lag value, lag offset Amount , false)
This formula has thrown me an error.

Any inputs on this will be helpful.



  • @PujithaB The Lag function as of now works best on Number formatted line items to Lag used on the Offset value, but for Boolean formatted line Lag will work with Constant offset

    Example: Output Lag = Lag (Lag Value, 2, FALSE)

    For the scenario you used above the error Anaplan shows up is that all the arguments for Lag should be Number formatted.

    Instead of Lag, you can use Offset as an alternative, which will work with the scenario you used for Lag

    Example: Output Offset = Offset(Lag Value, Lag Offset Amount, FALSE)

  • SriNitya


    I tried the scenario mentioned by you. Yes Anaplan throws error.
    Interesting !!

  • Dikshant
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    I am able to use the LAG function with a Boolean-formatted line item.

    And my findings are, in the lag function, for a Boolean-formatted line item, we cannot refer to a different line item like we do with the post or LAG function for number format line items. The LAG function will just have a single offset amount, which needs to be there in the formula itself. The lag function without a separate offset amount line item is working correctly in case of booleans.

  • PujithaB

    Thank you all for your inputs