Synchronize selective acess with line item using selective Access


Hello all,

I have been wondering about a functionality with Anaplan.

I created a technical list that i added in Selective Acess (in red)

Now, i have a module who has a line item with the List Format of my technical List, but the module dimension is using another dimension.

I was expecting to see that when i set my line item with selective access, it would diplay datas only refering to the selective access i set in the Selective Access (Users) section.

It is normal ? Sorry if it's not clear i can rephrase

Thank you very much

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    You can do one work around on this.

    1. do one import from formula line item to one test line item (this is selective access enabled)
    2. if you run the import applicable items (selective access enabled) only it will copy remaining it will give warning like item not located.
    3. test is your final line item

    Hope this helps :)


  • Dikshant

    You have set it up correctly, and if you see the P1 Product Group x Demand Layer 1 line item dropdown, it will only show list item for which you have given access to yourself.

  • HugoVolpi

    Ahh i think i miss a important information @Dikshant sorry , with that, it will display the correct items if the LI doesn't have formula right ? (just having the good format, but no formula).

    But what if my LI is having a formula (retrieving the value from my technical list property module) ? is it supposed to work ?

  • Dikshant

    I got it now, so if you don't have a formula, then you see the items based on your selective access.

    But if you add a formula to it, then selective access won't work and it will show the item.

  • HugoVolpi