Quarter to Text?


Hello Community,

How can i go from the line item Quarter ( Quarter ) to Quarter ( Text )

example :

Q3 (Quarter format) to Q3 (Text format)

Thank you

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  • 1636583
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    Hi @ILYAS

    from Month to text, it will give you what you are seeing like Jan 24(Text), if you want digit then you need to extract month and year separately and concat those two.

  • Dikshant
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    NAME('Month (month)') will give Jan 24 in Text format. If you need the month in 012024 (text) format. Use this formula: (IF MONTH('Month (month)') < 10 THEN "0" & TEXT(MONTH('Month (month)')) ELSE TEXT(MONTH('Month (month)'))) & TEXT(YEAR('Month (month)'))

  • SriNitya
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    Convert between data types | Anapedia
    Is the go to article which gives the overview of the conversion functions and then by going through each function helps to solve the conversion issues.