Level 3 6.3 Check You Build User Story 1.5


Hi all

I can't seem to figure out why my numbers are way off to the screenshot provided by the check your build.

I am using TAR01 Sales Targets to calculate the LIs in TAR01 Detailed Sales Targets.

My Q1 FY20 is showing as 537,295; however, other users have said it should be 537,863. I think this could be the issue. How can I get that exact number even though it is not far off? I am happy to provide additional information if needed.


  • SriNitya

    In Check your Build the numbers are for Initial Sales Account Targets but the screenshot you are comparing is the data of Line item Initial Country Sales Target.
    Initial Sales Account Targets = Initial Country Sales Target * 'PY Account / PY Country Product Family'
    Do cross check your formulas and flow for Initial Country Sales Target ,PY Account / PY Country Product Family.
    Providing screenshot for few items reference.

  • @SriNitya thank you. I some how missed that and it was obvious. One more question. I made the new line item and added the formula, but my numbers are slightly less than the screenshot provided by the training. Is that ok?

  • SriNitya

    Make sure your number matches with training as the difference seems to be much big numbers. Check your data flow.

  • @Retro Bowl College Why the input of numbers is the worst possible? Do you think your number is on that web form?