Copy of list item

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I would like to ask if there is a workaround for this:

If I copy List Item 1, the copy should have a "-1" in its list name automatically.

The list is a numbered list.

TIA. :)

Thank you.



  • PujithaB

    Hi @Tin
    Could you provide more details on what the requirement on is why would you need -1 on list name
    Although it can be achieved using Text concatenations

  • Dikshant

    If you copy manually, you cannot do it flexibly, but if you create an action and build it in a form of functionality, like checking Boolean, which says Copy, and then you run a button. This way you can control exactly what name you want to give to copied items.

  • @Tin You can do a module with the list1 and there you have write logic for If copy(Boolean) then "-1" logic with the list 1. then create a saved view and import into list and that should be run by a action.