How to make/create subsidiary view?


Create Shipping Export Module and Create a Saved View

In the Supply Chain model, create a module to export the shipping costs by location and create a saved view for export: 

  • Module Name: INV05 Shipping Export 
  • Dimensions: G3 Location list, Time (months) 
  • Category: Inventory
  • Functional Area: Inventory

Line Item





Location Code to ensure consistency at import

Shipping Costs


Shipping Expenses by Location 

  • Before writing the formulas, use a subsidiary view to change the dimensionality for the Code line item so that it is not applicable over Time.

this bullet item I didn't get it, may be I missed something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Best Answers

  • Dikshant
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    Subsidiary view means that if you make the dimension of the line item different from a module, sharing an example for explanation.

    We don't need the time dimension for the code line item, as the formula doesn't require time, so to save the cell count and size, we change the time scale to not applicable.

    You just have to change the time scale as Not applicable.

  • PujithaB
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    Hi @bhushanshastrakar
    Subsidary view can be created by changing any of the dimension of a lineitem from the module dimensions