Quarter to month


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How can I convert a line item formatted in quarters (e.g., Q4 FY23) to a line item formatted in months, displaying the last month of each quarter

Q4 FY23 =⇒ Dec

Q1 FY23 =⇒ Mar


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  • pyrypeura
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    You can use also PERIOD(END()) formula in month formatted line item with Quarter time scale as in below.


  • Dikshant

    This is the expected result and here is how you can achieve it. Target modules is SYS Time Setting by Quarter.

    Create a line item Closing Month. Create a module SYS Time Setting by Month, and a line item - Month

    Summary has to be: Last non-blank

    Format: Month

    Refer this line item directly in the target module (SYS Time Setting by Quarter)