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Is there a certain trick or a set of procedure to handling sorting list members.

I can control the first creation of list and import the record in sorting order but how does future addition to the list should be done so that they are always alphabetically sorted.

I notice that after the first load, newly added members gets added at the end in alphabetical order but how do we maintain the order of the complete list.

The only option I can think of is deleting the entire list and reloading with correct order every time but that can't be good.


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  • Dikshant
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    If you're loading the list from a data hub or via csv file (automation), you can include an Order List action in the whole process, which sorts the list items alphabetically. Example:

    Process: Load from Data Hub

    -Build Employee List

    -Import data into Employee data module

    -Sort Employee List

    If you are adding items from the create action or NUX Forms, publish a process, which includes an action to populate the code and Order list action to sort the list items

    Process: Submit New Items

    -Update Employee Code

    -Sort Employee List


  • sagarkpr

    Thanks, I almost forgot about the order list action. Thanks