Sort in page with two dimensions in rows



I have a module with this configuration in a page:

Columns: Line Items

Rows: Products, Markets

I need to sort from highest to lowest my line item "Sales" but the icon to sort is greyed out. I figured this is because I have two dimensions in Rows.

Is there a workaround to sort with this configuration ? Product comes before Market in Rows and I would like to sort by Highest Sales by Market in each product.

Thank you for the help !

Best Answer

  • KirillKuznetsov

    Hi @QZ

    Anaplan does not allow to make sorting on nested lists, but this is how we usually workaround this problem:

    To create a top-<of something> list you actually have to build a separate list. The list can be a combination of properties and even be hierarchical. So in your example, you can create your top by Markets as a child list of Products original list.

    Products List (parent)

    |> Markets top list (Child)

    Then you have to come up with an import that will add elements in the order from highest sales to lowest. For this, you can use RANK() formula. Rank descending by Sales line item and you will have your order numbers within each product. Then use this number as part of your code for elements in the Markets top list.

    You may need Order action after all but not always and depends on how you setup the import view.


  • QZ

    Hello Kirill,

    Thank you for the suggestion. I will try to apply this to my model and see if it matches what the users need and if it is manageable for them and myself.