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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering about the use of first occurence.

I have a line Item called IsfirstOccurenceAlerte and i want to retrieve the first boolean that was ticked in my boolean above called "Alerte Stock". The dimension is PP7 here so i thought i would be using isfirstoccurence but it seems not to work? The idea here is tis case is that only the first boolean here it's Week 3 FY23 would be ticked, and not the others

Any help would be appreciated, thank you !

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  • rob_marshall
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    Is first occurrence doesn't work that way. Instead, on the line item with the transactional data, change the summary method (in blueprint) to First Non Blank (I am assuming you have All Periods defined on Time defined. In the first occurrence alerte line item, create a formula stating: line item that has a value (sorry, I can't read it) = same line item[Select: Time.All Periods]. This will return a boolean.


  • HugoVolpi
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    @rob_marshall Indeed, i was misuning the isfirstoccurence, for the your suggestion, the first non blank should work but when it's not with number no ? (tried to use the LI that display 1 when it's ticked but doesn't seem to work

    Did i miss something here ?

  • HugoVolpi

    @rob_marshall, all good, i put the summary wrongly as you suggested, it works now