Anapedia in NMX now! (and some other cool updates)


Author: Kirill Kuznetsov is a Certified Master Anaplanner and Solution Architect at Planingo.

Exciting news for Anaplan architects and model builders!

A new Anaplan feature has just been sneaked, and I already love it!
Now when you open the formula editor you can push the question mark (?) and search through Anapedia right from NMX. Here you can search any formula available in Anaplan to know better its syntax and types of arguments used.

Have you seen these other new releases?

I picked my personal favorite from the latest updates:

  1. Top-level and subsets for the users list
    This one was truly long-awaited feature. I lost count how many times I had to make workaround for personal user-based selectors with fake user lists.
    Here is a great example given by @rob_marshall on how you can use this now:
  2. Conditional navigation actions
    Nice that this one was finally replicated from classic UX. Now we can make more seamless transitions to different pages.
  3. Context settings UI updates
    Especially the one which allows to place page selectors on top of the card instead of the bottom. This small addition helps end users to keep track of what they selected on the dashboard. And also this allows to meet the requirements like, “I want to see the country I selected as a title of the card.”
  4. Fine grain history search
    Sometimes users do so much during one single day that doing history analysis of the whole day of work would definitely require to download excel file (CSV) to filter by a shorter time frame. With this addition I don’t need to download the history file because I can select a time frame within one day which saves time on analysis (note that time input is in your local PC time while history extract shows UTC).
  5. Restore a deleted App page
    Both this and the earlier update allowing to restore deleted models are both really useful. As in case we accidentally delete something we don’t have to run with an urgent request to support team and wait up to half-a-day for support to restore it.

You can find more information on releases here:

What are your favorite recent updates — leave a comment!