Exporting more tables at the same time from UX

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Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a way to facilitate user's work by providing them with a way to export more tables from the same UX page in one excel file.

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  • Dikshant

    try to create multiple export actions and club them in a same process, and publish it in NUX page.

  • @Dikshant thanks, but what I actually meant is to export all the tables in the same excel file

  • @LucaRicci

    The first question I would ask would be if you can get the user to do anything in Anaplan to prevent them from needing to export.

    If the answer to that is no, There isn't an export action that will achieve what you are looking for, but I would explore the Excel Add-in. You can have connections to multiple worksheets, and a user can refresh the data (the equivalent of an export) and they could even write data back to anaplan from Excel if needed.



  • Dikshant

    I agree, explore the Excel add-in, there is not one way to export multiple tables into single excel.