Issue with personnel filters in user page


Hello All,

I am sorry if my question isn't smart 🙈

I have a problem with the filters added in this user page (on the right), i see all filters from other users, i know it's possible to keep only my own choices for those filters, but i don't remember how to fix it.

Thanks in advance for your answers,


  • Dikshant

    Which filter are you talking about, the filters on Field card or filters on right side?

    If it's a filter on Field card, make it user specific. Introduce the user dimension in your filter module and your filter line item.



    Thanks for your answer, the problem is with filters 2 (on the right side)

    They always change and i cannot have only my own changes in those filters i add for my needs as a user.

  • In the filter module try changing the show all users setting in the blueprint of the filter module. This changes the setting for Workspace Administrators so that they only see their own selection.