Bulk changing a main list



We want to update #customer list to include customer numbers, for example:

Current #Customer

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham

Required #Customer

  • London (1000)
  • Manchester (1200)
  • Birmingham (1400)

How is this done, and will this have impact on history?



  • Hi @joshkhanzadeh ,

    Assuming the "#" Means that this is a numbered list, all you will need to do is change the Display name to include the number afterward to make it look the way you want.

    If it is not a numbered list, we will need to understand the structure of the list. What does the code look like? Etc.


  • Hi Jason,

    The list is numbered (each 'name' has a unique identifying code). Is there anyway to bulk update the names, as we have a few thousand #customer 's, and manual updates would take too long. Thanks

  • In the display name property, you can write a formula that says something to the effect of : Description & Code. Basically you just want to concatenate the name that you currently have with the code that you are trying to get there.

    I know my example isnt perfect here, but i think it will make sense!

  • You're a star! Thanks Jason :)

  • Apologies for the next question, what is the reference/ could you explain of (Display Name Example), do we need to build another LI for that?


  • That is just the name of the list I created for this example. I would think yours would be "#Customer" instead