Summary Reporting


We currently have our model set up in the hierarchy ‘Shop > Customer > Products for volume planning. Currently, users can see their total volumes on a ‘Shop basis, with them being able to go down to see volume on a customer and material level under the shop.

How would we go about creating customer summary reports, where users can select a customer (E.g., Adam), and then users can see all the volume that Adam has against it for all shops (E.g., Manchester, London, Birmingham). Would this involve creating new summary modules? Do you have any advice on how these would be set up?



  • Dikshant

    Shop is at top most level and Product is at the lowest level right? So how can one customer is under multiple shops? Is it kind of a combination list?

    Shop 1 → Customer 1: Shop1

    Shop 2 → Customer 1: Shop 2

    Can you share screenshots of your modules and hierarchy structure ?

  • Hi, Dikshant,

    A customer (E.g., Adam) has volumes from different shops (E.g., Manchester, London); they're noted as the same customer in our #customer list, but in our volume models, we haven't found a way where we can re-pivot reports to shop customers. We're thinking it might be easier to create a summary module, where we create a formula to summarise materials within products for customers, but are unsure how to do this.

    Currently, we see information as below (seperately)


    Adam: 100 units

    Sam: 160 units

    Anne: 240 units


    Adam: 150 units

    Sam: 90 units

    Anne: 20 units

    We would like to see it as below:

    Manchester London

    Adam 100 units 150 units

    Sam 160 units 90 units

    Anne 240 units 20 units


  • In one of the models, we have data set out Site (Parent) > Customer (Child), and when we bring this into a grid in a page, parents do not come through. Is there any way of (in this model) summarising all customers (Child), and then seeing their volume by site (parent)?