Level 3 Line Items Not Populating


Could anyone explain why the Product Family and Account line items are not populating in my TAR01.1 module? I've got these formulas linking to a SYS module that I created. These two modules have the same dimensions.

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  • Teddy5
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    Thanks so much, I'll give that a try!


  • Hi,

    In your source module SYS03.01 Account Product Details you have in addition G2 Country dimension that you don't have in TAR01.1. You don't have summaries on in SYS03.1 (This is probably good idea with non numeric line items most of the time). As your target model doesn't have country dimension it reads values from country dimensions top level item which is blank as you don't have summaries on.

  • oilumiun12
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    @fnaf is it necessary to add the country dimension to all those empty items?