Move line items from one module to another (along with formula reference)


Hi team,

Looking to tidy up some modules in a model I manage.

I have noticed there is 2 different system modules each housing different time variables. I have asked around and the consensus was the second module was made to keep track of the variables when building out further functionality in the module that the builder did not want to get confused with existing variables.

Both modules have the same dimensions and now the model is getting more modules, it makes sense to consolidate the modules together. The problem is, the line items are referenced in multiple formulas so simply creating a new line item and updating all the formulas would be a lengthy task.

Is there an easier way to move the line items from one module to another and maintain the forumlas that reference them?

Thank you.



  • unfortunately no easier way that doing that manually. In theory you could try to copy paste everything from line item tab to excel and play with replace function and then copy back to Anaplan but that can be bit challenging exercise as well bit dependant on your required changes.

  • SriNitya

    Two merge the 2 modules to 1 you need to manually create the line items and then formulas can be copy pasted, no easier method.