How do I add multiple filter selection to my UX page



I want to add a multiple filter selection to my existing module/UX page, currently i can only see forecast for 1 brand at a time, i want to have a multiple selection so i could see multiple brands forecast at the same time. How do I do that?


  • o@atithipawar25

    1. You can do that, Create a Boolean line item in the brand module and that should publish in the ux for the multiple brand selection.
    2. Then create a filter based on the multi-selection brand to your grid and apply it on the grid. It'll fetch the data/grid based on the number of brand you selected through ux.

    Hope it helps. Thanks.

  • Hi @jagadishdash

    I tried the same way but in my module I am not able to add line item it shows like this:

  • SriNitya

    The screenshot its shows that you are trying to add data into list not line item.
    Select existing line item → Click on Edit → Insert.

  • @atithipawar25 Go to the blueprint view and insert a line item there.

    follow the process if you have any further doubt let me know with the screenshots.

  • atithipawar25
    edited April 17

    @jagadishdash After creating the Boolean line item will it be published to the ux page, or do I have to publish it? I am current working in a model which is created by someone else so I am not familiar with the backend yet. There are more than 200 modules.

  • @atithipawar25

    Got it, for solving the above issue you just focus on the module which published in the ux. Follow the below steps for detailed explanation:

    1. Create a boolean line item in a module where only brand and user should be dimension. (because you'll required to filter it out basis on user)
    2. The above line item (users, brand dimension) you have to publish in the ux page. This will allow users to select the multiple brand they want to view.
    3. Next step is to create a filter line item basis on the above multiselection. Create a boolean filter formula line item, as when users will select the multiselection accordingly it'll filter out the grid what you have published.

    hope it helps! Let me know with screenshots if still you're facing some issue.