Summaries of properties within numbered lists

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We have a numbered list for sites , and within this numbered list, we have a property of regions). Regions sit above sites (E.g., Manchester consists of Site A, Site B, Site C). We want to be able to see this from a region basis. I was wondering if there is a standardised approach to getting this summarization?

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  • @joshkhanzadeh

    Hey Josh. From what you describe I would suggest you remove the list property (region #) and put that in a System module (see DISCO) instead. That will allow you to create aggregations quite easily assuming you have another list that uses the Region #. If you don't have this list, you can create an action that will generate the list. You got this!

    To be honest, its generally not a good idea to use list properties for any reason other than display name. The reason is that it's a burden on the calculation engine and it's also much more difficult to perform calculations on it. System modules are the way to go.